Denissen Index Now Available

Genealogy of the French Families of the Detroit River Region by Rev. Father Christian Denissen. 
The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research has recently converted The French Families of the Detroit River Region by Rev. Fr Christian Denissen into a digital format. This work is being made available for personal research to our members. The copyright is owned by the Burton Historical Collection and it is with their permission that DSGR, as the publisher of the work, is able to place this on our site. This publication was initially a Bicentennial project of the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research and the Burton Historical Collection of the Detroit Public Library. This project has been approved by the Detroit Bicentennial commission as an authorized Bicentennial project. 
The index is now available to the general public: Denissen Index.   

Cumulative Index Project

The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research is conducting an on-going effort to provide internet access to its magazine (DSGRM). Access will be provided through its website, Although the website includes separate digitized indexes (PDF files) for each annual volume of the magazine, we have also uploaded a partial, cumulative full-name index, based on earlier work of the Society, which merges volumes 1- 31 and 51-76.
Now, we undertaking a project to incorporate the missing indexes for volumes 32-50 into the cumulative index. DSGR is seeking volunteers who would be interested in giving 4-5 hours of their time to perform an index comparison task. Each volunteer would compare the newly created (OCR) Word document against the original index images (PDF files) for a single year (or part thereof). Any inconsistencies identified between the two indexes will be highlighted on the OCR Word document. The highlighted Word document would then be sent back to the project team. DSGR is NOT asking the volunteer to make any changes, but to merely highlight an entry that does not look the same in both indexes. Validation and corrections will be made by the project team.
Please volunteer for this new DSGRM Cumulative Index Project now by sending an email to: with “VOLUNTEER” in the subject line.