Help Needed

The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research (DSGR) is seeking qualified candidates for the editor for the DSGR Magazine.
DSGR Magazine is published quarterly; each issue contains a combination of abstracted records of genealogical interest and compiled genealogies.   This magazine’s general objectives have been:
  1. Provide readers with information about resources available for their own research.
  2. Make manuscript records accessible
  3. Provide examples of scholarly writing as a guide to writing.
  4. Provide book reviews
  5. Provide a place for members to publish informal sketches of their own families
 The editor is responsible for the overall production and editorial content of DSGR Magazine and produces four (4) issues per year during the calendar year,  Fall (October 1) Winter (January 1), Spring (April 1) Summer (July 1).  The responsibilities include selection of material suitable for abstraction and working with volunteers willing to abstract material.  The editor has overall responsibility for determining the content of the DSGR Magazine.  The editor should have previous experience in genealogical research, writing, editing, and publishing.  Proficient knowledge of grammar, writing standards, MS Word, and Excel is essential.
Currently the editor is supported by an assistant editor, proofreaders, and many volunteers.
These tasks can be done by one person or a team of persons.   If you have an interest in helping with one or more of these tasks or have a question about the postion send your inquiry to DSGRM Editor Position.  

Wayne County Clerk's Move 1 March 2017

Wayne Co 2017

Are these your relatives?

Margaret K. has shared these photos with us in hopes that someone can identify them. She believes they may be related to her Mailloux family line. Contact us if you can help.

All Checks Have Been Deposited

Please note.  If you paid your membership dues to DSGR using a check, all checks have been deposited to our bank. If you have any question as to whether or not we have received your check, you can look at your member profile in the Member Log-In area which will show your member status or send an email to