Welcome to the DSGR

The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research was organized on 20 September 1936, by a group of thirty-three interested persons, which grew to one hundred eight members within the year. Its primary objective was to be a non-profit organization for the preservation and perpetuation of the records of ancestors and families of the commonwealth, and to be of assistance to the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library. Its affairs were to be administered by an elected Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.
All persons interested in genealogy, history, or biography, either amateur or professional or any organization or corporate body are eligible for membership.  With membership you will receive the quarterly Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine, 20% discount on Society publications, unlimited entries in our Surname Registry, access to all back issues of the DSGR magazine and special out-of-print publications, discounts on DSGR trips, and reminders of meetings and program agendas.
The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, Inc. is a 501C3 corporation which means that donations to us are deemed a charitable contribution on your income tax return.  For both the Contributing and Sustaining membership options, the amount in excess of the standard $25.00 membership fee is tax deductible.  
As of May, 2017, the membership year for new members will begin on the first of the month (i.e. 1 June) that their application for membership is processed and it will expire on the last day of the preceding month (i.e. 31 May) as many years later as their membership plan calls out.

Operating Year: August 2023 - July 2024

Executive Board (Officers)
President: Mr. Thomas Koselka
Vice President: Chris Muzzin
Treasurer: Ms. Lisa Brzys
Recording Secretary: Ms. Diane Finke Lenk
Corresponding Secretary: Richard Handley
Committee Chairs / Delegates
Imm.Past President: Mr. Richard M. Doherty
Archivist / Historian: Mrs. Ann Faulkner
BHC Representative: Mr. Mark Bowden
DSGR Magazine Editor: Vacant
Finance: Chris Muzzin
NGS Delegate: Vacant
Hospitality: Ms. Chris Adams
MGC Delegate: Mr. Derek J. Blount
MGC Delegate: Ms. Diane Finke Lenk
Membership: Ms. Catherine Gray
Member at Large: Mrs. Ann Faulkner
Member at Large: Ms. Brenda Williams
Member at Large: Vacant
Member at Large: Vacant
Distance Member Advocate: Vacant
Nominations: Mr. Richard M. Doherty
Parliamentarian: Vacant
Programs: Mr. John J. Mills
Publication Development: Vacant
Publication Distribution: Vacant
Publicity: Ms. Ann Brown
Social Media: Mrs. Cheri A. Smith-Smigielski
Storekeeper: Mr. William T. Ruddock
Query Researcher: Ms. Brenda Williams
Web Master: Mr. Thomas Koselka