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Elmwood Cemetery
1200 Elmwood Street
Detroit, Michigan 48207 USA
(313) 567-3453
Historic Elmwood Cemetery is the oldest continuously operating, non-denominational cemetery in Michigan. The cemetery was established in 1846 and incorporated in 1849 as a non-profit corporation by an act of the Michigan Legislature. Founded by some of early Detroit’s leading citizens, Elmwood quickly expanded from its original 42 acres to its current size of 86 acres and became the final resting-place of tycoon and laborer alike. 

Elmwood was the first fully integrated cemetery in the Midwest. A stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Detroit, Elmwood continues to serve the entire community without restrictions based on race or religious beliefs.

Elmwood’s park-like grounds, are composed of graceful hills and a valley surrounding a calmly flowing stream. The grounds of the cemetery were modeled after Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts and used the ideas of prominent landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted in 1890. Thanks to his vision, the cemetery is now graced with large stands of trees and roads that follow the natural slope of the land, blending with the surrounding environment and architecture, creating a haven of peace for the living to enjoy.